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To signup please enter all of your information below or call us at (705) 788-SURE.
Please note that this signup form is secure and your information will be protected!

You may wish to drop by a SureNet location and pick up your free SureNet Internet Access Package on CD. This package includes all the forms you need to sign-up, plus Internet Explorer 6, PC Suite (MS Office Compatible Suite), Adobe Acrobat Reader, SureNet backgrounds and a SureNet screen saver.

To signup on-line, all fields marked in RED must be filled in completely in order for your request to be properly accepted. All of the fields in BLUE must be filled in if you want to be billed by credit card. All Fields in GREEN are for new domains and Virtual Hosting Accounts.

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Pre-Authorized Payment Credit Card
Enter your credit card billing information below if you chose credit card for your billing method.

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* I authorize SureNet to process my credit card as indicated monthly/yearly as necessary.

Select a Rate: Select a Location:
 * Email billing requires pre-payment of first and last months and a setup fee.

Domain Name Information
This section is for virtual hosting and customers and for those looking to just register .com, .net, .org, and .ca domain names.

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